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007 Move Over... John Beech Has Arrived!

Press Release: January 25, 2010

In the first instalment of this epic military action saga that charts the rise and fall of John Beech and his family, a ruthless Iranian terrorist leader arrives in London on a mission from Allah.

Firmly intent on the planting and detonation of a thermonuclear warhead filled with thousands of radioactive isotopes, Mohammed Al-Hazarwi will stop at nothing to wipe out the entire population of Britain.

After killing a terrorist informant and foiling a bomb blast at the city theatre, Beech loses his beloved wife and teenage daughter in a horrific execution-style death.

Fuelled by deepest pain, rage and precious memories of the family that once made his world complete, Beech must stop the terrorists at all costs and avenge the deaths of his loved ones.

This book has recently been published and is available for sale.
A major motion picture funded and to be filmed entirely in the United Kingdom will make movie history as it becomes the very first espionage story to have been created by and remained entirely within the British borders.

Richard Stephens, the best selling author and creator of "The Operative", said in an earlier interview with SKY TV;

"I have worked passionately on this project since 2006 and have devoted my life and soul to completing it. To give the world an insight as to the real use of nuclear weapons in the dangerous hands of extremist leaders is something that will leave us all asking ourselves if or when this may actually happen to us."

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