Press Release Translation

If you have an important press release to get out and need your information to be read by people in various territories, it’s a great idea to invest in a press release translation service. Companies from all sorts of industries have a multilingual audience, and having your press release translated into various languages can get you coverage in a wider range of newspapers, magazines, websites and other media outlets around the world. Any company that wants to communicate with customers that speak different languages can benefit from investing in press release translation services.

What exactly is a press release?

Some people reading this article may have little idea of what a press release is, but they may have been told it’s wise to have one written and distributed so they can promote their products and services effectively. A press release is essentially a document that you send out to the media in the hope of generating media coverage and creating a buzz around your brand. Your press release can talk about important developments at your company, such as recent sales success, a big event, a new recruitment drive or your latest offers.

What kind of companies use press releases?

Press releases are used by companies from all kinds of sectors. The purpose of a press release is to create exposure for your brand and share important news. Another great reason to distribute a press release is that the media coverage generated by these documents gives your brand extra credibility. Being featured in the media can play a big role in causing customers to do business with you.

Can a press release enhance my search performance?

Yes, a well-written and informative press release can help you rank higher. Although keywords are important, being linked to on important news sites sends a signal to Google and other search platforms that your site is a reputable one. Once you have been covered by a big media site, you are likely to see substantially improved search rankings.

Should I write my press release myself or outsource it?

Many business owners are also great writers who know exactly how to sell their products and services via the written word. However, there are big benefits to outsourcing press release writing to a professional company. This will free up time that you can spend on other business duties, and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your press release is being handled by highly experienced professionals. We can help if you need us to start from scratch or if you already have a draft that you feel needs fine-tuning to make it even more persuasive and engaging.

Why is press release translation so important when expanding into other markets?

Translating your press releases can help you win a bigger, wider audience and can make your brand relevant in other territories. You are likely to receive more coverage if you translate your press releases, which means reaching more potential customers and selling more of your products and services. You may also need to cater for readers who reside in the UK but whose primary language is not English. 

What skills are needed to translate press releases?

Translation skills alone are not enough to create persuasive and engaging press releases. The professional that carries out the translating also requires outstanding copywriting skills to ensure the message is just as interesting as it was before it was translated into another language. The task needs to be handled by someone with excellent copywriting abilities as well as translation skills.

How can I get the most out of my press release translation service?

You can get the best results from your press release translator by telling them all the information you want to convey in the document. Some terms may not need to be translated, so do inform them if this is the case. You’ll also need to let them know if you want to add any details that weren’t in the original press release.

How PR Fire can help

At PR Fire, we are here to help if you do require a first-class press release translation service. We have vast experience in this field and can use our network of trusted translators to ensure nothing is lost during the translation process. We can help at every stage of the process, starting your press release from scratch or enhancing something you have already created. Having worked with companies from a wide range of industries and helped them generate media exposure, we are confident we can provide the service you require.