PR Fire backs Rage Against The X-Factor – Killing In The Name for Christmas No.1

PR Fire backs Rage Against The X-Factor - Killing In The Name for Christmas No.1 1

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last seven days, you’ll be aware that the 2009 X-Factor winner is crowned this weekend, and Simon Cowell wants everyone to ‘support’ the champion – likely to be that toothy altar boy from the North-East who possesses as much rhythm and charisma as a block of cheese – by making them No.1 at Christmas time to springboard them to stardom.

Year upon year, the much-coveted Christmas No.1 is being hijacked by this juggernaught ‘talent’ show and so it’s time for the public to take it back and say – ‘Fuck you Mr Cowell, I won’t do what you tell me.’

Tracy and Jon Morter launched a Facebook group "Rage Against the Machine for Christmas No 1" earlier this month with the words: "Fed up of Simon Cowell’s latest karaoke act being Christmas No 1? Me too … So who’s up for a mass-purchase of the track ‘KILLING IN THE NAME’ from December 13th (DON’T BUY IT YET!) as a protest to the X Factor monotony?" And like 600,000 others, with thousands joining by the hour, we thought this was a splendid idea.

Jon Morter told "It’s been taken on by thousands in the group as a defiance to Cowell’s ‘music machine’. Some certainly see it as a direct response to him personally.

This year the Christmas No.1 will be announced on Sunday 20th December which means those wanting to get involved should buy the track from chart-eligible download sites between Sunday 13th December from 00:01am and Saturday 19th December at 11:59pm. The official campaign group, which can be accessed here, will post up the official links that people can use to buy the single.


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