Police stations across the UK order thousands of takeaways in every month

Press Release : March 10, 2010
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The UKs leading online takeaway ordering website www.Just-Eat.co.uk has interrogated its order data to look at the regions in which the emergency services ordered most takeaway to the workplace and discovered that police officers and police staff in Yorkshire and Humberside are the most likely to order in to the station.

Nearly 140,000 meals orders have been made from police stations, fire stations, doctors surgeries and hospitals around the UK since March 2009 through Just-Eat.co.uk, with more than 3,500 meal orders delivered to police stations in Yorkshire and Humberside. Policemen and women in the West Midlands were the next most prolific workplace takeaway orderers.

Firemen were the least likely emergency services department overall to order takeaway food to their workplace.

Of the 45,000 takeaway meal orders by police and fire stations across the UK in the last year, over half came from police stations.

The vast majority of orders to emergency services in the UK, just fewer than 94,000 meals, were to medical establishments such as doctors surgeries and hospitals. It is impossible to determine whether or not the orders were made by medical practitioners or patients.

Here is a breakdown of the number of takeaway meals ordered from police stations in the UK, by region in the last year:

1.Yorkshire and Humberside 3,583
2.West Midlands 3,248
3.South West 2,924
4.London 2,790
5.Wales 2,583
6.North West 2,226
7.Scotland 2,098
8.East Midlands 2,045
9.South East 1,986
10.North East 1,911

TOTAL 25,364

Here is a breakdown of the number of takeaway meals ordered from fire stations in the UK, by region in the last year:

1.London 2,645
2.Yorkshire and Humberside 2,610
3.North East 2,432
4.South East 2,107
5.Wales 2,003
6.North West 1,923
7.West Midlands 1,809
8.South West 1,740
9.East Midlands 1,689
10.Scotland 1,424

TOTAL 20,382

Here is a breakdown of the number of takeaway meals ordered from hospitals and doctors surgeries in the UK, by region in the last year:

1.Yorkshire and Humberside 12,103
2.South West 12,011
3.London 11,182
4.East Midlands 10,784
5.South East 10,467
6.North West 9,221
7.Scotland 8,833
8.West Midlands 7,609
9.Wales 6,910
10.North East 4,834

TOTAL 93,954

Here is a list of the top five most popular cuisines for each of the services:

Police favourite takeaway orders Top 5:
1.Pizza 73% (of orders to police stations)
2.Indian 12%
3.Chinese 7%
4.Japanese 3%
5.Thai 2%

Fire station favourite takeaway orders:
1.Pizza 61%
2.Indian 19%
3.Japanese 8%
4.Chinese 4%
5.Thai 3%

Hospitals/doctor surgeries favourite takeaway orders
1.Pizza 53%
2.Chinese 22%
3.Indian 13%
4.Thai 5%
5.Japanese 4%

David Buttress, Managing Director of Just-Eat.co.uk had the following to say,

One of our online takeaway reps noticed that a large online takeaway order was to a police station in Yorkshire so, we decided to turn the tables and investigate!

American police officers may love doughnuts, but despite our right to remain silent, we can tell you that our own officers are huge fans of a good pizza.

He continued,

Whether or not the meals are being ordered on behalf of detainees or patients is anyones guess though were pretty sure that the Great British publics love for a good takeaway will always leave hospital food a distant second best.


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