Photographer who’s in love with nature, started shooting weddings and the results are beautiful.

Photographer who's in love with nature, started shooting weddings and the results are beautiful. 1

Award winning, 38-year old Filip Eremita has never imagined to become a wedding photographer, since his biggest joy was spending time with nature, photographing mushrooms, birds or insects.

It was not until 2016, when the neighbours came to visit him, to see if he’s ok with shooting their wedding. He was hesitant at first, but quickly realized that this is a good jumping start, at least to see if that kind of work fits him. To his surprise, beeing a whole-day photographer at the wedding felt great. All the emotions and happy, nicely dressed people; he couldn’t help myself but to take a large ammounts of photos, and many were good. They were indeed so good, that the neighbours loved them and spread the good word about him.

Next year he already shoot 5 weddings and the year after even more, without any advertising. Just the word of mouth was enough for people to call and hire him. Now he’s in love with what he’s doing. Shooting weddings is his dream job and seeing people happy when they get his photos or wedding photo book makes him love it even more. And in his free time, he transforms to nature photographer; shooting mushrooms, birds, setting up hides and doing other stuff that only nature photographer would understand.

If you would like to follow or join him oh this beautiful journey, take a look at his webpage , or have a look at his latest instagram photos. And if you are planning a wedding in Slovenia don’t hesitate to contact him.

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