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PackRabbit.com is an online marketplace for temporary warehouse needs.


Posted 19th May 2015.

May 15th, 2015 – Stateline, NV. – PackRabbit.com is a new online market place that will help companies find short term, on demand warehouse space by leveraging the efficiencies of the sharing economy. Managers in logistics, distribution and production have long had a problem : where to stash excess inventory for short periods of time. Using a model similar to AirBNB, companies looking to store excess goods will be able to go online and access warehouse space for as little as one day.

• Warehouse owners can list space and earn rent for short term rentals.
• Logistics professionals can fill short term storage gaps by accessing on demand, short term warehouse space.
• No contracts, no long term commitments, no red tape.

PackRabbit.com will launch in Summer of 2015. Interested parties can learn more by signing up for email alerts at www.packrabbit.com.

“I’ve spoken to many managers that have told me one of their biggest challenges is where to store inventory when ramping up for a big order,” says Matthew Phillips one of the three co-founders. Other use cases include interim storage for moving, damaged warehouses, as well as access to space in other cities where a company may not require permanent space.

Phillips says he realized the difficulty finding temporary warehouse space when he was on the board of a non-profit that was looking for a few days of warehouse space while they moved their thrift shop. “The CEO called me and asked me if I had any ideas,” says Phillips. “I did not have any ideas so I started looking around and there were no good new start-up was founded in 2015 by professionals with programming, management, finance and new venture options.” Phillips hopes that PackRabbit.com will be the fix he and others desperately need.

More About PackRabbit
PackRabbit is an innovative new company whose mission is to bring the sharing economy to the B2B ecosystem. This experience

Press Contact

Name: Matthew Phillips

Phone Number: 888-887-2323

Email Address: info@packrabbit.com