Orchard Box Announces the Launch of their Crowdfunding Campaign this October 2015 for the UK’s First Craft Cider Subscription Box, Rewards Include Cider For Life!

Press Release : September 26, 2015
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Bristol Based Orchard Box is a brand new subscription box service for people tired of mass produced supermarket ciders made from concentrates and artificial flavourings who want to discover the best craft cider from independent producers delivered to their doorstep every month, The search is over as Orchard Box is pleased to announce their new crowdfunding campaign this October 1, 2015 to release the UK’s first craft cider subscription box.

This is an exciting campaign for true real cider lovers. Rewards for the crowdfunding campaign of Orchard Box will include a box itself for one month filled with craft ciders, snacks and a bottle opener, all the way up to cider for the rest of your life!

Following the successful end of this crowdfunding campaign will be the launch of the website of Orchard Box (www.OrchardBox.co.uk). This is where users can subscribe to a box of handpicked ciders from independent producers around the world.

Orchard Box will be supporting independent producers who are making real cider that can’t be found in the supermarket. Orchard Box will offer a route to market as well as marketing opportunity to those small producers to get their products in the hands of real cider drinkers.

To those who are really interested to be part of Orchard Box, don’t miss the chance to visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/orchardbox or www.OrchardBox.co.uk for more details and information.

You can also follow Orchard Box @OrchardBox on twitter and at facebook.com/OrchardBox

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