Oculus Gear VR Game Veteran, Bleeding Edge Studio, brings you a Horror Game experience with Release of ‘Horror Hospital – The Escape Story’

Press Release : October 02, 2019
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London, UK Bleeding Edge Studio, has announced its next upcoming game, “Horror Hospital – The Escape Story” — An adventurous horror survival game”, for oculus Go and Gear VR.

It’s the story of a horror hospital survival when you were driving the car in a secluded area and suddenly a car with very bright lights appeared in front of you and your car got out of control. You tried hard to control but finally stopped after hitting on the tree. In the broken windshield, you could see the car and just front corner was only visible with the first few letters of the word “Ambulance”. After that, you just being trapped and woke up in a hospital wardroom.

Now you have to pick up “keycards” and unlock doors to escape the hospital. You have to evade the Evil Doctor, like Mr. X. The Evil Doctor will follow you and once they see you then they’ll never let you go safe outside. Keep silence and pick up the torch to find the door keys. You’ve to keep yourself from jump scares. Only 1% of people could escape through this horror hospital, so are you ready to become part of that 1%?

Download the game from Oculus Store (Launching on 10th October):

Bleeding Edge Studio is a mobile gaming company Headquartered in London, UK with Production Studio located in Lahore, Pakistan. Founded in August 2016, this awesome studio aims to be a powerhouse of Oculus Gear VR Games, GO VR, Android, iOS, Facebook Instant & PC Steam games. Bleeding Edge Studio was formed by a dynamic group of technical experts that have dedicated their time and energy by creating the best gaming experience for the more discerning game player. Bleeding Edge Studio builds next generation 2D, 3D, Oculus Horror Games for multiple ages, whether you are looking for an age appropriate game for your toddler, or trying to find the next game that will blow you away, we have what you are looking for. You can learn more about the company at http://www.bleedingedge.studio

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