Nutz Audio UK Complete Exclusive Agreement With Middle East Retail Giant Landmark

Premium audio brand Nutz Audio concludes exclusive retail agreement with top Middle East retailer landmark Group offering high quality, yet affordable, products led by flagship ‘Studio’ range

London, UK, 12th May 2015: Nutz,the premier audio brand, has today unveiled its brand new, luxury headphone range in the Middle East via its exclusive retailer’s Landmark Group.

Designed to ‘bring listening to music back to what it should be – fashionable, affordable and enjoyable’, the Nutz range includes six different headphones and earphones, led by the flagship ‘Nutz Studio’ product.

Having already built up a massive following of celebs and music fans alike, Nutz has now secured exclusive distribution deals worldwide, ensuring the products will have widespread retail presence over the coming months. Available to buy from selected ‘EMAX’ stores from June 2015 where the range starts at £24.99 rising to £199

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