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NTX Taekwondo Schools from Leeds welcome 12 new 1st Degree Black Belts to the club!

Posted 2nd December 2009.

NTX Taekwondo Schools from Leeds welcome 12 new junior 1st Degree Black Belts to the club!

NTX Schools are a professional Martial Arts Group of Taekwondo clubs based in Leeds and the Yorkshire regions.

We have been training in and teaching the Korean Military Martial Art of Taekwondo since 2001. NTX Schools practices Chang-Hon Taekwondo as developed by General Choi Hong-Hi and have been affiliated to the International Chang Hon Taekwondo Federation (I.C.T.F.) since 2007.

We had a very busy weekend with 5 separate gradings taking place on Saturday and Sunday with students of all grades. Standards were very high and the instructors were all very proud.

NTX Schools have welcomed their 12 new 1st Degrees into the Black Belt Royal Family and look forward to the Black Belt training classes.

It was a very tough exam both mentally and physically but all students excelled and impressed to finally gain the coveted black belt!

A list of their names can be found on the ICTF list of black belts over the coming weeks at www.ictf.info.

For pictures and more information visit our website www.ntx-schools.net or find us on YouTube or our facebook and twitter pages under NTX Schools