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Press Release : May 24, 2019
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Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas (https://www.ntec-services.co.uk/) takes pride in providing boiler repairs and other related services to homeowners. This professional aims to give nothing but reliable and quality service at all times.

As part of their services on offer, Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas provides first-rate boiler service Tavistock based as well as repairs. For those who want to keep their boilers in good condition, proper servicing is recommended. Here, clients will be contacted annually in order to arrange a convenient date for the boiler service. This professional assures everyone that the boiler service will be done in accordance with the manufacturers and Heating & Hotwater Industry Council benchmark standard.

Furthermore, according to this expert, “I will ensure safe operation checking flue integrity, ventilation, combustion, gas tightness etc. You will be consulted on any defects and also be safe in the knowledge that upon completion your gas supply will have been tested for safe operation and your appliance will be working safely. During a service should expect me to be with you for around 1-1.5 hours”.

Aside from servicing, Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas also provides professional boiler repairs. And by just asking a few questions regarding the problem, this professional can readily do a visit to check and diagnose the boiler issue.

Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas also have the relevant skill set and knowledge to provide a range of quality central heating services. This expert can handle boiler installation projects, whether a complete central heating installation or a straight boiler replacement. For those who are having some problems with their undersized radiators, this professional can carry out upgrades anytime. Other services on offer include under floor heating, pump and hot water cylinders replacement, smart controls, and thermostatic radiator valves.

Moreover, Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas can help homeowners who are interested in having a balanced high-pressure cold and hot water throughout their house. This professional will make sure that the current water supply is sufficient for an unvented system. At the same time, this expert offers bathroom installation for those who are looking to have a new and stylish loo.

To know more about Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas and the services on offer, kindly head over to https://www.ntec-services.co.uk/.

About Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas

Ntec Services Plumbing, Heating & Gas specialises in providing a range of central heating and plumbing services to homeowners. So whether you’re planning to acquire a boiler servicing a wet room installation and more, this professional can help you out. For any enquiries, you may call 01579 351 206, or you can send an email via nbilling@ntec-services.co.uk. Alternatively, you can just fill out the contact form provided on the website at https://www.ntec-services.co.uk/.

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