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Posted 15th April 2010.

In a bid to find out which mobile phone manufacturers remain most popular with consumers, http://www.rightmobilephone.co.uk has looked into search statistics from its site to come up with a league table of the most popular handset manufacturers.

Based on search popularity on the website, rightmobilephone.co.uk has found that Nokia continue to retain market share with their comprehensive range of handsets, as enquiries for the brand make up 28% of the total searches. This is a 1% rise when compared to the same time six months ago, suggesting Nokia continues to maintain its strength despite the success of Apple’s iPhone.

Whilst Sony Ericsson and Samsung were level in terms of search popularity via the mobile phone comparison platform 6 months ago, both making up 17% of the entire searches through the website, Sony Ericsson has now taken the lead with 19%. The site found Sony Ericsson to be a frontrunner in terms of handset improvement, with an increasing number of positive reviews being left for their models, suggesting a possible reason for the lead over Samsung, which now accounts for 15% of the total searches; a 2% drop compared to six months ago.
The searches for smartphone manufacturers Apple, HTC and BlackBerry (developed by Research In Motion or RIM) remain close, but whilst Apple accounted for the most searches out of the three 6 months ago, HTC have recently overtaken the iPhone manufacturer, now making up 14% of the total searches.

Six months ago, the leading mobile phone manufacturers, based on search popularity on rightmobilephone.co.uk were;

1.Nokia – 27%
2.Sony Ericsson – 17%
3.Samsung – 17%
4.Apple – 14%
5.RIM (BlackBerry) – 10%
6.HTC – 9%
7.LG – 2%
8.Motorola – 1%
9.Others – 3%

The current order of the most searched for mobile manufacturers on the site is now slightly different;

1.Nokia – 28%
2.Sony Ericsson – 19%
3.Samsung – 15%
4.HTC – 14%
5.Apple – 12%
6.RIM (BlackBerry) – 7%
7.LG – 2%
8.Motorola – 1.5%
9.Others – 1.5%

Speaking about the league table of mobile manufacturers, based on search popularity through the site, Neil McHugh, co-founder of rightmobilephone.co.uk commented;

"Nokia’s search popularity can be credited to the huge selection of handsets they have available, catering for all, from teens on a budget to business users with high end smartphones. Nokia have sustained their position over the years with a reliable reputation and an interface consumers are familiar with."

"Many might expect Apple to be a leader when it comes to popularity, but with one range, limited tariff options and cost a factor, it appears the iPhone isn’t for everyone. Meanwhile HTC have made a gain worth noting, increasing their profile in the past year backed with an impressive range of new smartphones running on the Android platform, which does seem to have turned the heads of would be Apple and BlackBerry consumers. BlackBerry has shown little activity recently, which is reflected in their search results. Consumers loyal to the brand will be hoping they make some announcements soon before considering HTC as an alternative."

LINK http://www.rightmobilephone.co.uk

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