No. 8 Wire Provisions Launching Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Production of Innovative Bath Toys Made from Cork

Press Release : November 19, 2019
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Rub-a-dub-dub, safe and sustainable toys in the tub. We are on a mission to free bath tubs around the world of harmful and toxic plastic toys.

No. 8 Wire Provisions – a Long Island City based company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make available for pre-order its newest line of bath toys made with cork.

These bath toys are designed as an alternative to existing bath toys on the market that are made from materials such as plastic, foam and rubber that are not eco-friendly nor sustainable. These toys will start a revolution!

Not only are these cork bath toys super fun for kids, they also address many existing problems found in bathrooms around the world – mold, toxins and toys made from non-sustainable resources. According to the company’s founder and product designer, Nick Cox, “Cork has a natural resistance to fungus and mold, is non-toxic and is respectful to the environment. It is produced from the bark of Quercus suber, better known as a cork oak tree. It is an astonishing tree, very long-lived and with an enormous capacity for regeneration. Cork trees are not harmed during harvesting, making cork a perfectly sustainable and environmentally friendly product. It also makes it ideal for bath toys.”

When describing the bath toys, Nick adds that ‘We have designed a starter set of 5 cork bath toys, including Bluey the Blue Whale, Pinch the Crab, Fin the Mako Shark, Subby the Submarine and Shelly the Turtle. Each of these lovable characters is waterproof, durable, floatable, non-toxic, resistant to mold and endlessly fun.”

Founded in 2017, No. 8 Wire Provisions is a distributor of toys and giftable items.

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