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NinjaLock: Open your door easily only with your smartphone

Linough K. K.

Posted 19th May 2015.

Japan is famous for its world-class high technology and useful gadgets. Linough, an innovative start-up company in the heart of bustling Tokyo, presented its new “NinjaLock” this spring. This cutting edge smart lock allows users to open and close doors remotely, only using the matching smartphone application or online account. While many of the competitors’ products require changing parts of the door and the lock, NinjaLock can be secured very easily without any kind of remodeling: Just attach the device to the already existing door thumb turn, install the application on your smartphone and you are ready to go! It is even possible to add other users with access rights, so your family, friends, clients and business partners can also open and close the lock when needed.

NinjaLock is extremely practical not just for individual use, but also real estate renting and property management. Further potential applications include shared apartments, co-working spaces, hotels and other businesses requiring easy and convenient room access.

NinjaLock is already a hit product in Japan, having caught the attention of several leading real estate companies now entering into partnership with the start-up. Linough is now searching also for business partners and distributors overseas to bring the convenient smart lock solution to other parts of the world.

If you are interested in purchasing NinjaLock or interested in becoming a business partner, please contact the Tokyo Overseas Marketing Manager directly at:

Dr. Carolina Kawakubo
Overseas Marketing Department Manager

Press Contact

Name: Dr. Carolina Kawakubo

Phone Number: +81334343356

Email Address: kawakubo@linough.com