African Token Zynecoin Announces Official Website Launch in English, French and Japanese
July 27, 2020

Marrakech, Morocco, July 27, 2020 -- Africa-based Zynecoin is proud to announce its official website launch in English, French and Japanese, ca...

ChainUP Offers Credit Card Services in over 146 Countries and Regions
July 15, 2020

Singapore, July 15, 2020 -- Leading blockchain technology service provider ChainUP is pleased to announce that it now offers fiat-to-crypto cre...

BiKi Group Announces USD 3 Million Strategic Investment in Kmex, a Contract Trading Platform
May 29, 2020

Singapore, May 29, 2020 -- BiKi Group recently announced that its BiKi Industry Fund has made a strategic investment of USD 3 million to Kmex, ...

ChainUP: Providing Next Generation Crypto Asset Solutions
May 27, 2020

Singapore, May 27, 2020 -- At the recent Crypto Asia Summit, Patrick Zheng, CEO of ChainUP Japan, joined fifty of the leading experts in crypto... Lists Hybrix, First Multi-Ledger Token Creating Freedom of Transactions
May 15, 2020

Singapore, May 15, 2020 -- Global digital assets trading firm is pleased to announce the listing of the multi-ledger, cross-chained Hy...

Simple Steps Towards Spirituality. New book Streamlines The Works of Rudolf Steiner
April 11, 2020

Cape Cod, MA, April 11, 2020 -- Are you drawn to your better angels? Overwhelmed by the language of the literature associated with spiritualism...

ChainUP’s Bitwind Brand Offers Incremental Liquidity for Exchanges
April 09, 2020

ChainUP’s BitWind creates a pool of liquidity that is comparable to those of top exchanges, thereby helping novice and operating exchanges incr... Announces Partnership with Dash Next
March 26, 2020

Singapore, March 26, 2020 -- Digital assets trading platform is delighted to announce a partnership with Dash NEXT, the merchant and c... Announces World Premiere Listing of Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC), World’s First Microasset
March 26, 2020

Singapore, March 26, 2020 -- Top 20 CoinMarketCap Crypto Exchange is pleased to announce the world premiere listing of Asia Reserve Cu... Lists Leading Korean Project ICON (ICX), One of the World’s Most Utilized Blockchain Platforms
March 25, 2020

Singapore, March 25, 2020 -- Digital assets trading firm is pleased to announce its listing of ICON (ICX), a Top 40 CoinMarketCap proj...

ChainUP Wallet Solution Explained by HiCoin Co-Founder, MingYuan Wang
March 24, 2020

ChainUP Wallet Solutions Provider Hicoin provides a true one-stop crypto wallet service solution that includes wealth management, mining, payme... Lists Largest Decentralized Stablecoin DAI
March 23, 2020

Singapore, Mar 23, 2020 -- Community-driven exchange is pleased to announce that it has listed DAI, a stablecoin on the protocol Maker... Launches BiKi Perpetual Contract, Enters Market as Strong Contender
March 10, 2020

Global digital assets trading platform, has announced the launch of its new product, Perpetual Contract, to meet the growing derivativ...