The Walk of Fame: Footwear from Film That Inspired Forever Fashion
August 18, 2020

Film and fashion are inextricably linked. Prichard (1981) noted that “the film fashions of today are your fashions of tomorrow.”.
We see a char...

The Weirdest Things to Happen from Covid-19
July 30, 2020

As a nation, and even as a world, we’re going through a strange and unknown time — we haven’t experienced a pandemic to this degree in our life...

The Life and Sole: Five Classic Songs That Get Your Feet Moving to the Beat
July 23, 2020

Music and dancing come hand in hand, or foot in foot shall we say.
Whether the song is a self-proclaimed toe-tapper or a slow mover, chances ar...

Myths debunked: the notorious black box
July 23, 2020

Many young drivers will be familiar with the idea of a telematics box, or more commonly known as a black box — and it might even be a phrase th...