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New young talented universal photographer/editor Mikael Daghighi “mikeeysmind”.


Posted 1st June 2019.

Mikael Daghighi is a 18 year old freelance photographer and editor based in Sweden. His commercial work spans many genres, including fashion, travel, and portraiture. He also does both photo editing and video editing as well as some videography. He does most of these as a fun hobby when he have time. Using an incredible amount of creativity and skill to create the unimaginable for his audience. The difficulties that artists face when it comes to keeping their audience’s attention isn’t easy to overcome. There are so many talented artists, it’s not easy to stand out in the middle of the crowd. Yet, Mikael Daghighi has done just that. His Instagram (@mikeeysmind) is where his work is displayed. However, he does provide more than just that. Feel free to relish in his talent! He is still young and have much more yet to come!


Press Contact

Name: Mikael Daghighi

Phone Number: +4634121211

Email Address: mikeeysmind@gmail.com