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New tool, Maya, helps Microsoft Partners to objectively measure their digital marketing efforts

Fifty Five and Five

Posted 8th November 2016.

New tool, Maya, helps Microsoft Partners to objectively measure their digital marketing efforts

London, UK. 02 November 2016.

Digital Marketing agency Fifty Five and Five today launched Maya, a digital marketing analysis tool which measures the effectiveness of Microsoft Partner companies marketing efforts. Maya, developed with input from Microsoft, uses a comprehensive range of independent metrics to objectively score digital marketing across three key areas:

• Website
• Blog
• Social

Professional marketers can use the free tool to track the quality of their marketing, visualise their progress over time and use Maya’s analysis to make better decisions about how to improve their digital marketing efforts and spend.

Using Maya is easy: simply enter some basic details into the tool, including website URL, blog RSS feed and social media accounts and Maya rapidly analyses them. Users are then given an overall score for the quality of their digital marketing, plus a detailed breakdown of the various areas Maya has tested and recommendations on how to improve them.

Chris Wright, founder of Fifty Five and Five said of the tool: “we often hear about companies who feel like they’re ticking all the boxes for digital marketing, yet don’t seem to get the expected results. Maya is able to dig deeper into their websites, content and social feeds to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and then help them decide where they need to improve”.

All too often, measuring the return on investment (ROI) for digital marketing is difficult for Microsoft Partners. Maya aims to help, as Chris Wright explains: “Maya tracks your scores over time, meaning you get a clear view of the impact of your investments. For instance, it can tell you how often your content is being shared on social media websites – giving you a central place to see whether your content is getting the right kind of engagement. Based on this data you can make investment decisons”.

• Find out more about Maya – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roCgsDxsDU0

• Try Maya for free at: http://trymaya.com/

• Maya can also be accessed for free from Microsoft’s Smart Partner Marketing website at: http://smartpartnermarketing.microsoft.com/assessment/recommendations?profile=Practical%20Marketing

About Fifty Five and Five:

Fifty Five and Five was founded in 2014 as a different kind of digital marketing agency. Other agencies take good marketing and then try to understand how it applies to their clients’ businesses. Fifty Five and Five combine great marketing with an innate understanding of the Microsoft Partner Marketing. This deep knowledge of the products, services and technology that Microsoft Partners sell, gives them confidence in our ability to promote their offerings in the best way possible.

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