New Order Environmental Services – Environmental Equipment and Instrument Rental Services

New Order Environmental Services is an industry leader with years of experience in radiological environmental remediation and reclamation works with comprehensive results and solutions. Our environmental solutions offer a balance between engineering innovation, conformance to regulatory requirements and economic feasibility to develop safe and effective solutions for contaminated sites.

We offer a broad range of services including:

• Radiological Remediation and Reclamation Support
• Decontamination and Decommissioning
• Geospatially Referenced Radiological Surveys
• Radiological Protection Program Development
• Global Information System (GIS) Mapping
• Drone aerial and subsurface UAV Surveys and Inspection Services
• Equipment and Instrument Rental
• Environmental Program Audits
• Environmental Site Restoration
• Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and GIS Mapping
• Field Sampling and Analysis

The team at New Order Environmental Services truly adds value to your project by getting involved and working closely to deliver optimum solutions. Our main aim is to help our clients address their environmental sustainability challenges in energy, water and waste. Our team strives hard to offer cost effective services in every phase from assessment to implementation.

At New Order Environmental Services, we are committed to offer personalised and cost-effective solutions that reflect standard practices, environmental protection and conformance to regulatory requirements.

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