New Fantasy Novel “Bury Me Where They Fall” Provides a Subversive and Stimulating Challenge to Dark Fantasy

Press Release : October 20, 2019
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Experience the journey of a young heroine through a wilderness of murder and myth…Young rebel warrior Amiel begins a deadly mission into uncharted forest lands. Her town is under threat by a mysterious warlord known only as Decius, who lurks among the trees. Soon he plans to march forth with his army, leaving only death and destruction. To save her homeland, Amiel must find and destroy Decius–even if it means sacrificing her life in the process.

In Yorkshire-born author Jonathan Watt’s debut novel, Bury Me Where They Fall, he provides a challenge to dark fantasy conventions with a dark, surreal book that marries his interest in folklore and mythology into a nightmarish “Apocalypse Now”-inspired narrative. It is ideal for avid teenage readers of dark fantasy, and its unique place within the genre, with a female lead and a mysterious anti-hero that breaks the conventions of prophecy and mythology, makes it a bold, distinct and very modern choice of fantasy novel.

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