New book published: “How Superhero Secret Agent Double Zero Saved the World, but Partly Failed.”

Press Release : December 22, 2019
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This superhero parody novel is written in the inventive, crazy-humor style of similar to Douglas Adams.
In this wild comedy with an absurd-humor slant, the reader can follow the adventures of Thames Pond, Agent 00, through space and time. The main characters help Pond against the archenemy Evil Devil, and his Evil Chip which has awareness and its own goals. They are Ron, the enhanced Norwegian wood cat, Kimi, a magic katana sword of the female gender, Cindy, the android, with her inbuilt cider-machine, Yhurran, the croc goddess, Jack Covering, the intelligent spacesuit, and more.
The clues are leading Pond and Co. around the Earth, from a military camp in Russia to the rain forest in Brazil, as well as to space stations. There are also several small quests and escapades on the side. The agent had to fight not only his enemies but also the bureaucrats of his organization. In the end, when all bets seem to be off, the good wins, in a wicked way.
The book is available:
This parody novel has strong science fiction and fantasy undertones, but the style is perhaps more surreal than SF&F. The novel contains features from almost all genres. The book is also a parody of all supernatural.
This book is Nr#1 in the Thames Pond Series.
The author’s website is SF&F.htm
Erik C. Heber is a professional writer, who had written many kinds of books.
There is more about this book and other books on the author’s website.

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