New album is statement of intent as singer-songwriter Phil Cooper quits executive management job to pursue musical dream

Press Release : February 22, 2016
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Midway through 2015, west country singer-songwriter Phil Cooper realised he’d had enough of skirting around the edges of the music business, and decided to quit his job as Technical Director of internet company Clever Digit Media and plunge head first into a fully professional music career. Six months later he has emerged with a brand new album, entitled “Things I’ll Never Say”, which is a real statement of intent to cement that status for good.

Phil was determined to create an album which fully showcased his songwriting ability, and what you’ll hear is a big, polished sound in stark contrast to the stripped back nature of his 2014 “Half Live” album. Calling in favours from musical friends to add the extra instrumentation to really make his songs shine, it unashamedly yells “This is what I want to do, and I’m here to stay”.

Sticking to his fierce DIY ethics, Phil has released the album himself through CDBaby, and continues to self-fund his tours around the UK. The album is available now from and iTunes, amazon etc will follow.

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