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Multinational Capital Resources launches official website

Multinational Capital Resources

Posted 1st June 2015.


Los Altos, CA, USA June 1st, 2015: Multinational Capital Resources announced today the official launch of its corporate website, www.multinationalcapitalresources.com.

The website will be the official main online presence for the company. The site will house information regarding business and product updates, along with news of upcoming projects related to the company’s core product segments.

About Multinational Capital Resources: Multinational Capital Resources is a media and manufacturing corporation established to address a variety of consumer and business needs not currently being addressed by other companies. The corporation was founded by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with experience in industries ranging from consumer and business high-tech to speciality retail.

Chris Keswani

Multinational Capital Resources

Press Contact

Name: Chris Keswani

Phone Number: 650-383-0117

Email Address: general@multinationalcapitalresources.com