Press Release : August 30, 2017
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So you want to know why multilingual live chat support? What’s so special about it? Have a look at the facts below.

According to a research, about 74% of buyers are more likely to purchase your product if you offer support in their native language. This specially implies to the businesses that have customers around the globe. When you have customers across different parts of the world, relying on English language to engage with the customers is not an option.

So, what can be done? How can these customers from different nations be pleased?

The answer is- Multilingual chat support!

Wondering how? Read on.

Multilingual live chat support boosts customer engagement:
When you provide a multilingual chat support, customers can easily get all their queries resolved in their native languages. This further makes them feel more engaged and increases the probability of them being repeat customers.

It increases conversions:
Offering a multilingual live chat support is all about tailoring your chat support according to the visitor requirements. Since, every customer who visits your website receives a personalized support, such a support increases the chances of converting website visitors into paying customers and hence boost the conversion rates.

It reduces administrative costs:
A customer centric chat support also contributes in diminishing administrative costs. This is possible through multilingual forums and communities that provide a benefit of improving global SEO through informed customers.

It increases customer loyalty:
Owing to all the benefits stated above, a multilingual chat support helps enhance the customer service which further leads to increased customer loyalty and rapid business growth. A loyal customer base is sure to provide a medium of WOM marketing, that’s the most powerful marketing tool a business can have today.

If you do not offer a multilingual chat support, you are surely losing out on a lot!

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