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Multi-award winning mobile marketing automation platform, Kumulos is on a winning streak.


Posted 16th July 2019.

Multi-award winning mobile marketing automation platform, Kumulos is on a winning streak. In fact, Kumulos Push Notifications are attracting so much recognition. Our latest award comes from Business of Apps who have just named Kumulos a 2019 Top Push Notifications Service Provider.

It’s the third consecutive year in which Kumulos (www.kumulos.com) has received this Push Notifications award from Business of Apps. And, it comes off the back of multiple awards over the last few years. Overall, this makes Kumulos the multi-award winning push notifications feature which is used by thousands of global mobile app developers.

For those in mobile marketing, it’s well known that Business of Apps regularly address the significance of Push Notifications technology and how important it is for helping to deal with user churn. Every year, Business of Apps takes a look at the top mobile marketing automation companies. Nowadays, there are a lot of push notification providers giving app developers a choice of platforms to send Android and Apple iOS Push Notifications.

In amongst this competitive market, Kumulos has been recognised in 2017, 2018 and now 2019 too.

Bob Lawson, Director and Co-Founder, Kumulos, says, “What we describe Kumulos as, is a system that allows you to manage the technical and commercial aspects of the app. We talk about Kumulos as the industry-leading mobile marketing automation and app performance management platform.”

Bob continues, “This recent award is testament to the continued focus of our software development team. And, this winning streak is great news for our customers – who no doubt are already aware that they are using a top-class push notifications platform.”

As mentioned, Kumulos push notifications feature has not only been named top by Business of Apps. In addition, it has been recognized across the entire mobile marketing industry.
We haven’t kept track of all of the awards we’ve received, but our push notifications awards do include:

Top Push Notification Service by MobileAppDaily
Top Push Notification Service by The Tool
Best Push Notification Service by Softonic
Top Push Notification Service by Business of Apps for 3 consecutive years

Clearly, Kumulos is leading the mobile marketing industry. We continue to invest heavily in our push notifications platform with further in-app messaging enhancements coming soon.

Push notifications are a vital mobile marketing tool. Used by mobile app owners, they can increase user engagement with intelligent, location based, targeted messages. With Kumulos, app developers can deliver a push notifications service for clients, or, give them control with an easy-to-use, branded, mobile marketing automation portal.

In recent months, we’ve added lots of new features to our multi-award winning push notifications feature. This means our mobile app development partners can deliver better outcomes for their clients and their mobile apps. Some of the additions include channels, segments, beacons, geofencing, automation and updated custom analytics.

For app developers how have not yet tried Kumulos and want to find out how thousands of mobile app developers use Kumulos to deliver better outcomes for their clients, they can sign up for a free trial, or contact Kumulos to arrange a demo.

Whether app owners want to improve the onboarding experience, improve engagement, increase retention or simply improve mobile marketing, Kumulos push notifications can be used to make apps more successful.

For those who want to put Kumulos multi-award winning push notifications feature to the test in real time but without integrating the SDK into the app, they can start a free trial and download the Kumulos App to see just how powerful and easy Kumulos is. The Kumulos App is free to download and use. It only takes seconds to setup. Within the app, you can send unlimited push notifications while creating as many circular and polygon geofences as you want. You can pair as many devices as you want with each Kumulos App account. And, you can build unlimited numbers of notification automations.

About Kumulos
Kumulos is the most comprehensive mobile app performance management platform for mobile app agencies with Push Notifications, App Store Optimization, App Analytics, Crash Reporting & Diagnostics, Document Sharing & Collaboration, Content Editing, all in one place. But that’s not all. It comes with a number of unique, turn-key features, custom built to help busy mobile app agencies offer awesome services to their clients. Kumulos’ secure, easy to use mobile app management platform is trusted by thousands of app developers in 25 countries across 7 continents with millions of connected devices managing billions of API calls & push messages a month.

Press Contact

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Phone Number: 0333 8802470

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