Mom creates picture book for moms about Uty, the uterus, and launches by giving away the digital version for free for two weeks!

Press Release : April 17, 2019
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There’s a new picture book out just for moms starring a uterus, and right now you can read it for free until April 28th.

Trina Folse, the author of “The Uterus’ Guide to Raising a Baby” knows that motherhood comes with struggles that are universal and wants moms to be able to breathe a sigh of relief that they are not the only one going through these normal, less than instagram worthy moments.

“The Uterus’ Guide to Raising a Baby” is a new picture book just for moms told via Uty, the uterus’ perspective. Uty is the epitome of style with her high heels and many outfits varying throughout the short 32 pages. She leads you on a journey from finding out you’re pregnant right up through the first year and the most beloved of all mothers, the tantrum stage.

Uty is witty, unique, and completely relatable to mothers in all seasons of the journey. This book is a perfect gift for expecting mothers, baby showers, Mother’s Day, or just to have a laugh for
5 minutes.

Trina Folse is a first time author hoping to share her message with moms everywhere. She wants new moms to feel empowered in their new role as mothers. Her mission in creating this delightful little picture book for moms was for them to walk away from this book knowing that the struggles they are facing are normal and that they feel heard.

A reviewer says,
“I love this book so much! As a mother of 2 I have been through these feelings. I would buy this book for all of my new moms out there! It reminds you that you are a superhero even if you don’t feel like you are. You are not alone in your feelings! This book is pure gold for moms!”

If you want to read the book you can do so for free before April 28th at
Or you can buy the book direct on Amazon at

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