Minister for Immigration, The Netherlands to Deliver Opening Keynote at World BORDERPOL Congress

Press Release : September 16, 2015
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Dr. Klaas Dijkhoff, State Secretary of Security and Justice and Minister for Immigration, The Netherlands will deliver an opening keynote address at the 4th World BORDERPOL Congress in The Hague, Netherlands on 8th-10th December.

State Secretary for Security and Justice Klaas Dijkhoff is responsible for, amongst other activities, Asylum, Immigration, The Immigration and Naturalisation Service and Border control in relation to aliens cases. He will address the delegation to open the World BORDERPOL Congress, the annual gathering of international border protection, management and enforcement agencies.

“Never before has the refugee situation been more precarious. The drowning, suffocation and smuggling of refugees has to stop. European countries are faced with the pressure of increased levels of immigration, which are unlikely to diminish in the near future. So as to be able to continue offering protection to those people fleeing armed conflict in the future as well, European countries have to take joint action.” State Secretary Dijkhoff, writing on behalf of the Government, recently read to the House of Representatives.

BORDERPOL Secretary General, Thomas Tass, said, “We are delighted with the confirmation that State Secretary of Security and Justice and Minister for Immigration of The Netherlands, Dr. Klaas Dijkhoff, will be joining the World BORDERPOL Congress to deliver an opening keynote in these challenging times, not only for Europe, but for the world border and enforcement agencies and governments.”

“We are living in an unprecedented situation, with crises on a number of fronts, arising from a culmination of ununified policies and inability to enforce existing border and migration management laws. We very much look forward to the perspective of Dr. Dijkhoff.”

The World BORDERPOL Congress is the only multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where border protection, management, policy-makers, practitioners and industry convene annually to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting not only one’s own country’s borders, but those of neighbours and friends. This year Congress takes place in The Hague, Netherlands with a leading line up of international speakers from government, agencies and industry experts.

Join us at the 4th annual World BORDERPOL Congress in The Hague, Netherlands on 8th to 10th December 2015.

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