Mingle Copywriting rebrand for Manchester Copywriter as agency goes national

Press Release : March 24, 2010
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The copywriting agency, which was founded in May 2008, has extend its reach beyond the North West over the last six months, and now hopes to build on this success with a non-regional name.

Mingle Copywriting has already worked on a number of copywriting projects for national clients, such as Cambridgeshire-based Doublespark and Windsor-based LM Trading.

Mingle Copywriting Creative Director Sarah Addyman said: The idea behind Manchester Copywriter was to offer competitive rates to local clients. But as many of our clients are willing to do work by email and over the phone, we’re able to extend these rates across the UK.

Mingle Copywriting specialises on working with creative agencies which outsource their copywriting requirements, although they do occasionally work directly with clients.

Addyman said: We work on a day rate of £175, which equates to £25 per hour the sort of rate you can only offer if you’re home-based. As it’s usually a creative agency handling the client, we’re rarely needed on-site at either the client’s or the agency’s premises.

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