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Melanin Seeker

Posted 31st May 2019.

In conjunction with new social media tools, Melanin Seeker unveils a new online presence aimed at providing education about the contributions of Black people around the globe and throughout history.

“We want to give children and adults of all backgrounds and intriguing opportunity to learn and appreciate the sacrifices and accomplishments of Black people,” said one Melanin Seeker team member. “This new and easy to navigate website will help facilitate the learning process.”

Oftentimes in classrooms, education about the accomplishments of Black people are left out or grossly summarized. By learning Black history, it will will create an appreciation for the culture from all races. Learning facts about Black History can assist in tearing down racial barriers by fostering an environment of understanding and in turn help break down stereotypes.

Using its website (www.MelaninSeeker.com) and social media platforms www.facebook.com/OfficialMelaninSeeker and www.Instagram.com/theMelaninSeeker
, Melanin Seeker will post three daily questions that will engage the reader to seek the answer. The questions are designed to be brief and intriguing in order to entice the reader’s curiosity.

Combining intrigue with researching for increased retention, Melanin Seeker will provide a powerful educational resource tool for all people as they expand their knowledge.


Melanin Seeker is a daily educational resource tool. The company provides content to markets worldwide that accelerate engagement and transform the learning experience. Melanin Seeker is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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Name: Jess Obrien

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