Media Release: How will you cope?

Press Release : March 20, 2020
Media Release: How will you cope?

Announcing the release of the new online course: “Be Stronger: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually”.

In production for the past 6 months, well before anyone had even heard of the COVID-19 virus, this course is designed to help people develop the necessary skills to deal more effectively with uncertainty, insecurity, stress and anxiety.

“No one could possibly have predicted the spread of COVID-19 and its devastating impact.” says course instructor Roy Sheppard. “The timing of this course is spooky, even to me.”

As our cities and communities go into lockdown, while local and national governments do what they can, it begs the questions – “How will we, as individuals, cope mentally and emotionally during such a crisis?” and “And how do you support others who may not currently have the mental toughness and resilience skills (or the experience) to deal with this level of uncertainty?”

 “Those who work in ‘blue-light’ professions such as the police, firefighters, the military and the medical profession usually, but not always, receive training to deal with intense pressure and horrifying situations – but the rest of us aren’t. These skills can be learned.”

“The course was intended as a commercial product, but in light of world events, it is now being offered free-of-charge to anyone who would like to learn, in the safety of their own homes, how to be stronger by developing these mental toughness and resilience skills.”

“As we’ve all seen, the virus does not respect international borders. Support doesn’t need to either.”Says Sheppard.

The free course is available at


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About Roy

Roy’s work has been featured on Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio 5, BBC world service, Sky News, CNN and countless other radio stations, newspapers and magazines around the world.

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Roy is a former BBC network radio and TV news presenter. Today he normally speaks, trains and facilitates at major international medical and scientific congresses often attended by up to 9,000 people.


Mobile: 07768 876771


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Roy Sheppard is available for interview.

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