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Marketing With Alex 3.0: What Other Internet Marketing Coaches Hope You’ll Never Discover

Posted 9th April 2010.

Sussex, UK Alex Jeffreys has officially put other internet marketing coaches on notice: Traditional internet marketing coaching will soon be as outdated as typewriters are today.

As Alex Jeffreys added, The Marketing With Alex 3.0 coaching program goes one better than all other internet coaching programs out there. Where most coaches have a static coaching in place, I will build a business step by step before your very eyes. He jokes, I’ve never heard of anyone do this before and I know why, because it can backfire and the egg could splatter on my face.

On top of that Alex promises, you’ll get every front end marketing necessary, the value piece itself and support on getting it automated, the funnel, traffic blueprints and supporting extras we add on, as we take off from launch phase to post launch, where the money will be made on an ongoing basis.

So Marketing With Alex 3.0 doesn’t only tell you and show you how to become successful online, but it gives you the actual marketing process and support, which so many internet marketing coaches fail to incorporate into their coaching programs.

Alex has all the credentials to be an amazing coach. He has set up three business that have each made him more than $100,000 and this year he is likely to hit the millions of dollars mark, with his next company. He teaches how you get part of that money pie for yourself and Marketing with Alex 3.0 is looking very tasty.

He has been mentored by the very best, including Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren and Harris Fellman to name a few. With Marketing with Alex 3.0, we get to gain some of this restricted knowledge, without the thousands of dollars price tag, as well as a refreshing, unique approach to coaching.

This is the new era of internet marketing coaching and you will only get the opportunity to be part of it, if you act fast. To secure your place on Marketing with Alex 3.0, sign up today at http://www.makemoneyteacher.com.

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