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Marketing With Alex 3.0 Coaching: Why you Should Choose Alex Jeffreys to be Your Internet Marketing Coach

Posted 12th April 2010.

Sussex, UK Alex Jeffreys has officially put other internet marketing coaches on notice: Traditional internet marketing coaching will soon be as outdated as typewriters are today. Not only is the coaching program excellent, but Alex Jeffreys has all the traits of a master coach.

Alex Jeffreys states The Marketing With Alex 3.0 coaching program goes one better than all other internet coaching programs out there. Where most coaches have a static coaching program in place, I will help build your business from scratch, with the feedback I get from you. He jokes, I’ve never heard of anyone do this before and I know why, because it can backfire and the egg could splatter on my face.

You can already see that Alex Jeffreys stand heads above other internet marketing coaches, let’s take a look at some of his other traits to help you decide whether you’d like him to be your mentor.

(1)An internet marketing coach loves and knows internet marketing. Alex Jeffreys knows what strategies work and which do not. He has made the failures so you don’t have to. You can use and steal his tried and tested methods.

(2)A good coach is honest. Alex practices transparent marketing. He tells you like it is, without hiding the ‘how’, like many other internet marketers do.

(3)An internet marketing coach is trustworthy. Alex Jeffreys inspires trust with his infectious enthusiasm and sense of humor. When he makes a promise it can be trusted. You still need to put in some work to put his advice into action to see results he can’t just say Abracadabra and you’ll be a success. His advice is good and it works, because it is tried and tested.

(4)Internet marketing coaches will encourage you to try and teach you how to win, not to cheat. Alex Jeffreys will teach you how to get raving fans by giving people what they want, not what you think they might want. A no hard sale approach.

(5)A good coach will lead by example and teaches through action. This is Alex Jeffreys style. He is dedicated to everyone of his students, as he listens to all their concerns and won’t let them stop short of their capabilities.

If this is the sort of internet marketing coach you are looking for, then be sure to grab a place on Marketing With Alex 3.0 here http://www.makemoneyteacher.com. Places are selling out fast I hope you are not too late.

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