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Press Release : June 17, 2020
Managing Director

Now more than ever EASTWEST Pr is absolutely imperative.

25 years of success in Asia, now Founder Jim James doesn’t open offices in the UK.

London|Singapore: 17.06.2020 International PR pioneer Jim James has opened the ‘everywhere, virtually’ office of EASTWEST Public Relations in the UK to provide international communication services 25 years after establishing the company in Singapore on 19 June 1995. The privately-held agency was founded in Singapore by James in 1995 servicing business to business clients,  expanding then to China and India. The mission of the Company has always been to ‘add value with every communication’ and it has done so for over 500 clients and worked in every Asian country.

The Agency has transitioned to offering digital support and has embraced the ‘everywhere, virtually’ on-demand agency organization structure. EASTWEST PR is still providing high-quality international consultancy as it has since 1995 but is now using the technology within the business that it has spent 25 years promoting. 

The return to the UK marks the 4th phase of growth in the evolution of EASTWEST Public Relations. The first phase was to open Singapore, the second to open China, third India and now Europe. During the expansion, James has travelled extensively and gained experience of building International and diverse teams across the region and serving both international and local clients mainly with the B2B sectors and education.

“The opening of the operations in the UK allows me to be closer to companies which need help with international communications in Asia. After 25 years and starting companies in 3 Asian cities, I have some experience to share which will help organizations to get noticed quickly and cost-effectively with respect to local cultures, technologies and practices. For those  clients and partners in Asia, there is a growing amount of disinformation and misinformation both in Europe and Asia, and EASTWEST PR can play a vital role in ensuring that companies and organizations are clearly understood and that commerce continues as a basis for mutual prosperity.”

The Agency operates on geography independent, knowledge-driven basis using a network of partners and consultants in a country which allows for flexibility and cost savings for clients. With legal entities in multiple jurisdictions, a well-known brand amongst the media established work processes, and unified technology platform, James no longer engages a permanent workforce for delivery.  Clients will find EASTWEST PR an affordable, efficient and effective alternative to large staff-laden networks with overheads to maintain and staff retention to consider. In the On-Demand model consultants bid for the work that is available to ensure that clients have consultants working on their account who are keen to deliver results because their next job depends on their performance of this one. 

James explains, “EASTWEST PR is still providing high-quality international consultancy as it has since 1995, but we are using the technology within our business that we have spent 25 years promoting. In Beijing I watched Chinese companies like Didi taxis expand exponentially by offering passengers convenience without the company buying all the cars and hiring all the drivers. I am bringing together trusted, professional and confidential consultants to work on behalf of clients in a way which reflects the modern on-demand model of many industries. Now is the time to offer clients better service with lower overheads, more flexible pricing, and importantly matching people to projects. EASTWEST PR is still providing high-quality international consultancy as it has since 1995, but we are using the technology within our business that we have spent 25 years promoting.”

EASTWEST Public Relations offers clients international public relations based on efficient, effective and professional practices with over 25 years of experience. The move of industry veteran and entrepreneur James to the UK marks an exciting opportunity for companies which want to access Asia, and also for Asian companies to access Europe. Whilst in China James also started the British Business Awards, British Motorsport Festival, held the role of Interim CEO of Lotus Cars in China, import agent of WAKE Drinks, Vice-Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce and was the Managing Director of Morgan Cars (China) Ltd. 

In order to share more information about public relations and international marketing, EASTWEST Public Relations have started a newsletter, Cognition, the SPEAK|pr podcast and SPEAK|pr mastermind. 

Current clients include SWM International, Rosti, Tech Data, MWS, and Queens University of Belfast and collaborations on clients with UK agencies PFPR and CubanEight.

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