Press Release : June 29, 2016
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Lumina Datamatics, a leading digital content solutions company, has announced a partnership with Riverside Digital Productions, a top educational media production company.With this partnership, Lumina expands its array of services by adding end-to-end audio and video services in the digital space.

Lumina Datamatics provides content solutions to its customers across the globe, predominantly publishers and retailers. Digital and new media have revolutionized both industries by changing the way publishers and retailers produce and market their products. The addition of video and audio service capabilities will enable Lumina to serve its customers better, especially in the era of ever-changing digital needs.

“We are excited about this new partnership with Riverside Digital Productions. This partnership will make our digital content services portfolio much wider and deeper especially in the audio and video arena. Thanks to this new affiliation, we now have access to a large talent pool that will enhance our capabilities to the fullest.” said Vidur V. Bhogilal, Vice Chairman of Lumina Datamatics.

On the new collaboration with Lumina Datamatics, Ross Minichiello, Founder and Principal of Riverside Digital Productions stated, “Riverside Digital Productions is thrilled to be strategically aligned with Lumina Datamatics. Lumina is a leader in the digital content solutions space while Riverside Digital knows media production, especially educational media production, better than anyone. Both businesses will benefit from our shared areas of expertise, but the real winners will be our clients.”

About Riverside Digital Productions

Riverside Digital Productions, Inc. is a full service media production company that combines modern media technology with classic storytelling to create compelling content for its clients. Its offerings include end-to-end production capabilities as well as consulting services on all stages of project development, from conceptualization and scripting to casting, shooting and format delivery. By drawing on the significant creative talent of the greater New York City area, Riverside Digital also offers its clients versatility and scalability; recent work includes building comprehensive audio libraries as well as producing educational video content, digital promotional content and training video content. Based in West Orange, N.J., Riverside Digital is the preferred vendor for educational publishers, consumer media brands, hospitals, healthcare companies and nonprofit organizations who rely on the company’s ability to provide superior work with an eye on the bottom line.

About Lumina Datamatics

Lumina Datamatics is a trusted partner to several companies in the global publishing and retail industries, addressing their needs in content and technology.
As a strategic partner, Lumina Datamatics helps its clients improve their business competitiveness and achieve operational efficiency. The benefits delivered by its relevant solutions include reduced time to market for new products and services, increased efficiency in business processes, as well as deep reader and buyer insights.
For publishers, Lumina Datamatics manages end-to-end publishing processes—from content creation till product delivery. Added to these are capabilities to generate feedback from readers and buyers. This is achieved mainly with the combination of deep domain expertise and innovative application of technology tools and platforms.
For retailers, Lumina Datamatics provides a competitive edge to increase sales through advanced content solutions, business intelligence with content, and e-commerce technology platforms.

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