Looking for Prospects? Introducing a Unique Lead Generation Software:

Press Release : May 16, 2014
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The Problem:

There are 1000’s of Internet marketers who are trying to build a business . Their problem to succeed could be product based. However -usually, their biggest challenge is a lack of prospects to contact. There is no such thing as an e-mail directory, and using a second party ‘list’ can have it’s problems.
So how can one successfully and inexpensively build a prospect list?

The Solution:

There is a new software program, created by Bryan Winters -who originated the 5iphon software, only this is the Improved version. It allows anyone trying to grow a business on the internet, to build a large contact list very quickly with minimal effort.
Apart from full training in how to use the system, it comes with 3 extra benefits.

First- it can be tried out at no cost on a trial basis.

Second – They can supercharge their results by actually using their new prospects!

Third – If they wish, the software will allow them to market other products to their prospects, thereby earning commissions from these sales. For a full video explanation of what this lead generation software can do,Go to http://www.getmultipleincomestreams.info

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