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LiveTunnel.com New Release Deployed!

Posted 29th March 2010.


After the long delay, we finally have made it. This is to inform you that LiveTunnel.com new release has been deployed live at www.livetunnel.com.

Please checkout the new cool refreshing design and signup for your free live broadcast. For improved security and better quality of this release comes with secured database, improved video quality and better user interaction.

We encourage you to signup again or create new account and we appologise for any inconviniences. It takes just few seconds to create a new account at www.livetunnel.com, we promise you that this time will be different. Please take advantage of the new improved user interface for a smoother interaction. Feedbacks are welcomed! Enjoy!

LiveTunnel is a registered trademark specializing on multimedia streaming, live webcast service that provides highly reliable and scalable live web streaming with support for automatic recording of the live streams.

The home of free live Entertainment brings to you the power of the web, with your webcam and internet connection, your events will be live on the web for free. No downloads required!

What we offer?

We offer our users the tool they need for live web casts. For live entertainment, personal diary, family albums, educational webcasts, collaborative conferencing and a customizable media service delivery platform. We support any special request for customization of any kind, free of charge.

Invite your family and friends dispersed around the world to join you on that special occasion and events through live webcasts at LiveTunnel at no cost. Create your own live TV show, capture personal moments, broadcast live, record and replay your events… all on LiveTunnel.com

Welcome again!

On behalf of LiveTunnel Team