Light Of The Moon Publishing Releases Anniversary Hardback Version Of Walking With Spirits Vol. 4 Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore

Press Release : July 25, 2017
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G.W. Mullins, author of the best-selling series “The Native American Story Book Volumes 1-5” returns with the hardback release “Walking With Spirits Vol. 4 Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore.” Light Of The Moon Publishing has released this new book which features stories of the Native Americans with original art by award winning artist C.L. Hause. Contained in 225 pages, it is a huge collection of Native American history.

The mythology of the North America Indians is a cultural treasure trove, but many of these myths and legends have been hidden away in many old books and documents. So this vast body of wisdom has been out of reach of most people… until now.

In this book there is a landscape of different histories and you are presented with a true look at their beliefs. Understand the Native American people a little better and understand where they have come from and what they can offer the world. By exploring these stories, you are offered a glimpse into an often forgotten past.

Among the stories included in this volume are: The Medicine Grizzly Bear, The Girl Who Was the Ring, How the Rattlesnake Learned to Bite, The White Trail in the Sky, The Cloud People, Crossing the Red Sea, The Eye Juggler, The Rolling Head, The Tower of Babel, The Jealous Father, The False Bride Groom, The Alligator That Stole a Man, The Sun Snarer, Creation of First Man and First Woman, The Fatal Swing, Song of the Ghost Dance, Paiute Medicine Song, Origin of Clear Lake, The Great Fire, and many, many more.

For further information, on the writing visit G.W. Mullins’ web site at For information on the art of C.L. Hause visit his web site at Books from the Walking With Spirits series are available on, Kobo, Google Book Store, Barnes and Noble and retailers worldwide.

G.W. Mullins is a Native American of Cherokee decent. He has been a published author for several years. He recently released the first two books from his “From The Dead Of Night” Series, the top selling titles “Daniel Is Waiting” and “Daniel Returns”.

C.L. Hause is an award winning artist who possesses a Master Of Fine Arts Degree specializing in painting and drawing. He was the winner of the 2013 Johnny Hart Memorial Award as well of several others. He has always been inspired by nature, primitive and Native American design.

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