Press Release : October 05, 2016
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TM Loeffler Software announces the launch of mydoxs, mydoxs plus and mydoxs MultiUser, the All-in-One interface tools to create and manage Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents.
1. The basic tool is the free mydoxs version which allows the creation and organization of Word® documents only.
2. mydoxs plus is the advanced software tool with the All-in-One interface for Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents.
3. mydoxs MultiUser is identical with mydoxs plus but with multiuser support und management.
4. All-in One Interface means: The user opens a previously created folder for a correspondence address or a folder for documents only. Inside any folder he can create Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® files with subject and reference information without leaving the folder or changing the application. He can easily find all documents of a folder by address or folder name.
5. Predefined templates for correspondence which can be easily customized.
6. A response deadline for correspondence files can be imposed with mydoxs plus. A listing of all passed deadlines opens automatically when mydoxs plus is launched.
7. Documents can be emailed directly out of the All-in One interface with files of different formats attached.
8. A scan module integrates external documents as PDF-File in any folder with mydoxs plus.
9. Documents can be saved to a cloud storage.
10. Access to all mydoxs versions is password protected.
11. Sold with a budget price of € 4.95 for mydoxs plus and € 15.95 for mydoxs MultiUser.

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