Largest Piezo Components to Date From Noliac

Press Release : September 11, 2015
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Noliac has expanded the ranges for piezo components to the largest sizes to date in the shapes of discs, rings and plates. The expanded ranges will give our customers even better possibilities to custom design piezo components to match piezo-based applications.

Even larger piezo components: discs, rings and plates

Noliac offers piezo components with a large range of dimensions. Now this range is upgraded. Cedric Goueffon, Global Sales Manager at Noliac A/S, explains the background for the upgrade:

– We know that the range of dimensions for piezo components is vital to our customers. Therefore, we work constantly to improve our production facilities to accommodate the demand for larger components. This work is now resulting in the largest piezo components to date from Noliac. The new ranges will give our customers an even better selection for piezo-based applications. We will keep working on our production to offer even larger components in the future. The new ranges can be ordered now.

Example of piezo disc
A piezo disc can for instance be made as OD 185 mm, TH 2 mm, made of NCE40.

See all the new ranges at

New sizes
Piezo disc
Outside diameter (OD): 4 mm-185 mm
Thickness (TH): 0.2 mm-20 mm *

Piezo ring
Outside diameter (OD): 4 mm-185 mm
Thickness (TH): 0.2 mm-20 mm *
Inside diameter (ID): 3 mm-100 mm

Piezo plate
Length (L) or width (W): 1 mm-127 mm
Thickness (TH): 0.2 mm-20 mm *
* Please note, that thickness depends on the size of the other dimensions, and depends on which material is used.

Further information?

If you want to know more about your possibilities with piezo components from Noliac, please contact us using our Request for Quote form or contact sales on

Piezo-based applications

For inspiration, we have collected a small selection of piezo-based applications describing the use of the specific application, how it works, and which piezo elements are typically used.

See examples of piezo-based applications at

Custom design

We offer a high level of possibilities to custom design your piezo components to match your specific requirements. If you have any questions about our custom design, please contact us using our Request for Quote form or contact sales.

Read more about our customized design at

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