Press Release : August 26, 2015
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iKentoo, the complete wireless EPOS solution, is set to revolutionise retail transactions across the festival scene on the back of a hugely successful rollout at the Barclaycard British Summer Time event in London’s Hyde Park.

Designed and built with cafes, bars and restaurants in mind, iKentoo replaces expensive and static old-fashioned tills with user friendly, portable iPads and iPhones – perfect for festivals and other outdoor events. With hundreds of thousands of people attending this years British Summer Time festival, iKentoo’s secure and fast technology decreased transaction time by 30%, enabling this major London event to process 550,000 transactions, equating to over 380 transactions a minute, over a three day period (19-21 June).

Starting from just £49 a month, and dispensing with the traditional wired till hardware, iKentoo offers better value and full mobile till management. Ideal for every type of outlet, from start up restaurants and single till cafes, to multi-location high street chains and big outdoor events like British Summer Time, iKentoo provides an advanced till system at a cost effective price.

Serge Sozonoff, co-founder of iKentoo, explains, “People have come to accept long queues and slow service at events and festivals, but our innovative solution can mean faster service, quicker transactional processing and ultimately happier customers and retailers alike. Our wireless system was designed from the ground up for the F&B industry giving one of the richest feature sets of any EPOS provider. You get all the standard functions of a traditional POS, combined with the ability to manage the system from the comfort of your laptop anywhere in the world. This enables our users to react quickly and efficiently to stock levels at festivals and events to make sure there are always buns for the burgers and vodka for the ice. This is why iKentoo is now being used not just in small cafes and award winning restaurants, but even in harsh environments like mountain eateries perching above 3000m and muddy music festivals in secluded rural locations.”

iKentoo is one of the only iOS-based EPOS providers to offer table management in a truly serverless, offline mode, and has proven its functionality and effectiveness many times in large deployments. It is supported by online back office, enabling live changes to menus and prices while managing multiple locations. Crucially, iKentoo customers don’t need to retrain the majority of staff to use the system because its intuitive interface is familiar to anyone who uses a tablet or smartphone.

It offers a large number of additional features, including: Kitchen Display, Customer Display, iOS based live reporting application, Stock application, Online and mobile ordering, self checkout, seamless table side ordering, integration with many payment services, Dallas key authentication, and a rich API for 3rd party integration.

CASE STUDY: Barclaycard British Summer Time, June 2015
Adam Hempenstall, Director at Peppermint Bars & Events

“We had been looking for a cost-effective way to replace conventional manual tills because they were proving unsuitable for some outdoor environments. We needed something light, mobile and suitable for the quick build and derig of an outdoor event. We first started using iKentoo for around 30 events last year, including British Summer Time 2014, but this is the first time we have used the system across an entire event of this scale.

The iKentoo system gives us freedom and huge flexibility, and its live nature means that the management of a big event becomes a lot less complicated. We were able to track sales bar by bar, item by item in real time, also our stock inventory and could easily move staff between bars at peak times.

The beauty of iPads is that if one breaks on site, all you need is a new iPad to get the ‘till’ up and running again. And as the system is not reliant on the internet, it’s ideal for some of the more remote events we do where coverage is sporadic at best – and battery power can act as a backup during power cuts.

At British Summer Time we have been running 130 devices at 24 bars, involving 1,000 staff. We have seen a 30% decrease in transaction time, and found we could add additional serving staff to each ‘till’ to meet demand and help reduce queues.”

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