Julie Provino launched professionally delivered and funny executive NLP in business courses.

Press Release : May 10, 2016
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1. Who (about yourself or business)
Julie Provino is a specialist in Neuro Linguistic Programming in business, sales and management. She has launched her own brand of highly interactive, extremely professionally delivered and funny executive NLP in business courses.

More info can be found at http://very-nlp.com/course

“In reflecting back over my career, I have learned that I get most excited about partnering with leaders to solve business problems through people and talent.

For me, it is enabling managers at all levels, leaders and entrepreneurs to truly understand human behaviour & relationships. I class my learning NLP as an ‘Redefining’ moment for me. I gained a greater understanding of people and what makes them tick as well as how to leverage the skills and talents of my team, colleagues and even myself.

Although I absolutely love to ‘get stuff done’ it is also about the relationships, experiences and having fun along the way.

I encourage you to contact me now if you are looking to either maximise your own potential OR even if you are looking for a change of career path or missing piece of YOU.” Julie Provino

2. Where (focus place or event place)
Reading near London.

3. When (event date)
Weekend split course – 02-03 – 08-10 July
5 day residential course – 11 – 15 July

4. What (intro about thing)
Is This Course For Me?
If you fit the criteria below, then the VERY NLP courses are perfect for you to enhance all your skills and eradicate your weaknesses.
Aspiring Senior Manager, Leader, CEO, Director or Executive…
Ambitious Sales Executive, Account Manager, Marketing Professional or Entrepreneur…
OR if you want more freedom, fulfillment or fortune in your life…
Regardless of your occupation, status or ambitions… NLP really is the difference that makes the difference and Julie Provino (Founder of Very NLP) is the UK’s thought leader of NLP application and training in the business, work, and sales environment.

5. Why (reason of PR)
Generate traffic and create links to website.

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