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Interiors- Silestone Integrity tops made out of quartz stone gets launched in the UK market

MKW Surfaces

Posted 19th December 2017.

London, 20th November 2017: Today, Silestone proudly introduces the Integrity tops in the UK market where they will be available for nationwide purchase from Silestone authorised distributor MKW Surfaces in London. The speciality of this gracious accessory for kitchen worktops is that it is crafted from a single piece of Silestone. Silestone is a brand synonymous with manufacturing high-quality engineered quartz surfaces for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial applications. Silestone has launched an elegant new top-mount sink model, also known as the Integrity Top.

Silestone Integrity Top Sink launched in three varieties – Blanco Zeus Extreme, Cemento Spa and Negro Tebas. Blanco Zeus Extreme is the world’s most popular colour for quartz surfaces and Integrity Top Sink that combines with a multitude of possibilities, thus becoming a favourite choice for architects and designers alike. Blanco Zeus Extreme has been featured in many cooking TV shows and it is also employed by some of the best chefs and celebrities such as Rafael Nadal who featured in Silestone 2013 Campaign ‘Authentic Life’.

Blanco Zeus Extreme is the whitest quartz stone produced by Silestone that offers a diversified use in commercial and residential applications, Blanco Zeus Extreme is the modern definition of style and statement that shows immense resistance towards scratching, heating and staining. It is available in four glamorous finishings such as Polished, Suede (matte with subtle texture), & Volcano that gives Blanco Zeus Extreme a rustic and soft surface.

Another variety of Silestone Integrity Top Sink – Cemento Spa made out of 95% natural quartz is a dark grey stone with speckles of lighter grey etched all over the surface. It is a unique surface with a distinct colour that matches with any architectural design while maintaining unparalleled consistency. Silestone Cemento Spa is a best-selling quartz colour that delivers superior performance while upholding the reliable and simplistic qualities of its native design and innovation.

Negro Tebas represents a timeless beauty that unifies looks and performance into one surface. Known worldwide for its toughness and resistant to heat, scratches, stains, UV rays, zero porosity and wide-ranging applications, the Negro Tebas is a black quartz stone with flecks of white and grey etched all over the slabs. It is designed keeping in mind the various interior design options that today’s homeowners like to employ in their kitchens.

About MKW Surfaces:
A London-based supplier of high quality stone kitchen worktops is an authorised distributor of all Silestone products in the United Kingdom and delivers everywhere in the country. They supply a wide range of natural stone (marble, granite and travertine), man-made stone (engineered quartz and marble) and floorings (ceramic and porcelain). Their professionalism, dependability, and experience sets them apart from the competition.

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