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Press Release : March 16, 2010
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We have included a few Facebook connect development examples at our portfolio block,

All the three Facebook Connect allows you to directly login from your Facebook account, and there is no need of signing up like a starter. We will talk about, when you login from your Facebook account to, it automatically extracts your resourceful data from your Facebook profile, and you dont have to write a whole new introduction, which is tremendously time saving thing ever. In this website, you can discuss everything from home to travel, relationships to health, gossips to money, everything. It robotically digs up your photos, videos, profile information and above all, if you like to invite your friends at, it will be done too.

Just to make it a little more clearer that Facebook Connect is much talked-about and hottest ballyhooed social media widget, which are being designed for websites and blogs etc, to create an easy, personalized and comfortable connectivity between the users and your Website or blog.

If you want heavy traffic and hassle free communication on your website, you must talk to us and we will let you know how it will be possible, considering your Business objective and your niche market.

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