Independent Jaguar Car Specialists continues to give the “Jag” to the people of Cambridgeshire

Press Release : November 22, 2019
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Independent Jaguar Car Specialists continues to give the “Jag” to the people of Cambridgeshire

Leading Independent Jaguar service and repair centre, Nene Jag Specialists Ltd, waxes stronger after decades of excellent service delivery to clients across Cambridgeshire

Jaguar remains one of the biggest car brands in the world, and the people of Cambridgeshire seem to be in love with the brand. One company that has ensured that owners of different models of Jaguar vehicles get the best from their favourite cars is Nene Jag Specialists Ltd. The company offers independent Jaguar car services, including repairs and servicing for customers.

The Jaguar brand has become synonymous with strength, prestige, and optimum performance. One of the major challenges faced by car owners in different parts of the world is access to quality repairs and servicing companies. Owners of Jags are not an exception to the rule, and this is where Nene Jag Specialists Ltd has been able to make a huge difference over the years, at least for Jag owners in and around Cambridgeshire.

The company’s unique combination of quality, comprehensiveness of service delivery, and affordability has endeared it to Jag owners in the area, becoming the independent Jaguar car specialists a genuine alternative to dealerships. The categories of services offered by the company include diagnostics, air conditioning, servicing, and DPF chemical cleaning.

Nene Jag Specialists Ltd uses the latest technologies and diagnostic equipment with a team of highly trained and well-experienced technicians to help in maintaining the health of the car for longer.

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About Nene Jag Specialists Ltd
Nene Jag Specialists Ltd is an independent Jaguar service and repair centre founded by Master Technician, Clive to offer a complete range of independent MOT and servicing for Jaguar cars. Headquartered in Cambridgeshire, the company serves the entire Peterborough area and has grown to become a leading provider of dealership quality repair and maintenance to Jag owners in the area.

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