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HTC Desire released on Orange network to the UK market

Posted 23rd March 2010.

After much speculation the new HTC Desire has now been released on Orange under its new name, originally called the HTC Bravo this latest Android powered mobile phone was rumoured to be launching under the Bravo name tag rather than the Desire badge given to it on its release.

This has now been cleared up with the launch of the HTC Desire on Orange and the network confirming that it will be calling the phone this from now on, first made available on Vodafone and T-Mobile back in late February this latest HTC phone is very similar in both looks and functionality to the Google Nexus One also manufactured by HTC for Google, however there are some differences.

The Nexus One uses the older style trackball navigation button rather than the new optical trackball of the Desire, this is important because many users of the HTC Hero handset which offers a very similar physical button found that it was prone to wear with prolonged usage. The upside to this is that the Android operating system does not require too much usage of the trackball as most features can be accesses via the main touch screen.

Another big difference is in the user interface, the HTC Desire utilises the manufacturers Sense UI which runs on many of their other handsets and makes for a smooth user experience, the Desire also comes with Flash support straight out of the box whilst the Nexus One amongst other Android phones waits for an update from Adobe in late spring.

The main features are very similar with both phones offering a large 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen display and 5.0 mega pixel camera, with access to the Android market there are hundreds of new applications that can be downloaded free of charge which run seamlessly thanks to a 1GHz processor – the fastest currently available on the market.

Other manufacturers also have competing phones which could make for a good alternative, the Motorola Milestone offers an extra slide out Qwerty keyboard for those that like to push physical buttons whilst writing text and emails whilst the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 offers a larger display screen at 4 inches for even better viewing of mobile content plus a slightly better camera at 8.1 mega pixels for sharper picture capture.

The HTC Desire is now available on three network operators with more slowly confirming release dates, there is also a SIM Free launch planned for this high specification handset as well as a Pay As You Go release at some time in the near future.