How do we know if a start-up company is a copycat or a FirstCat?

Press Release : April 19, 2017
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How do we know if a start-up company is a copycat or a FirstCat? A lot of startup geniuses may be no more than copycats.

A company in Australia, called Katcops, helps aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid copycats, offering a system to recognise the real inventors of a startup idea. The platform allows first-creators of ideas to also report copycats of their ideas.

An entrepreneur with a unique idea can apply to become a FirstCat (original creator of the idea). The idea will be thoroughly examined by Katcops. If the concept has never been seen before on the internet, the startup receives the FirstCat accolade.

During the seed-stage of the startup growth, the FirstCat (inventor) can report any copycat of his/her idea. If there is enough evidence that the alleged copycat does steal his/her idea, the copycat’s website will be put in Katcops website as a copycat. Therefore, if someone searches for a startup company in our Startup search page, they can find out if a company is a FirstCat or a copycat. The aim is to protect innovative entrepreneurs during the initial growth-stage of their startups, while incentivising creative people to have more brilliant ideas.

Katcops offers a cost-effective solution to first-idea entrepreneurs who cannot patent their startup ideas due to non-eligibility (non-patentability), length of examination by patent offices (which may take years), and/or exorbitant costs with fees and patent attorneys (which can easily reach the $10,000 figure).

To avoid a perpetual monopoly over an idea, copycats report will not be accepted after the seed-stage development of the original startup. As a matter of fact, competition is part of the entrepreneurial game. But FirstCats will get the credits they deserve.

Katcops Startup search tool aims at becoming a world reference for media outlets, investors, potential stakeholders, customers, and anyone else interested in finding out if a startup company is a FirstCat (original creator) or a copycat. Media outlets, investors, potential stakeholders, and ultimately consumers can use Katcops Startup search to find out if a startup company is a FirstCat or a copycat.

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