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How Annova is Uniquely Positioned in UK’s Breast Pump Marketplace

Annova UK Ltd

Posted 16th May 2018.

The global breast pump market was valued at nearly US$ 642 Million in 2017. Current forecast suggests an upward swing with the market projection at nearly US$ 953 Million by 2023 with a CAGR of 6.8%

There is a special place for Breast Pumps in the medical devices marketplace. Largely demanded by working mothers, there are many lifestyle and healthcare parameters that have contributed to their sustained growth. Favourable changes in reimbursement policies, technological advancements such as hands-free breast pumping technology and rising awareness levels continue to drive the demand. As the healthcare infrastructure gets more organized across emerging economies, the demand for breast pumps is likely to sustain and multiply. With more community healthcare programs and government initiatives increasing consumer awareness levels, more women are trying breast pumps.

In countries with enviable quality-of-care programs, like the UK, use of breast pumps is being augmented by more women with higher disposable incomes facing challenges related to regular breast-feeding. In such scenarios, lifestyle becomes a major reason for increasing breast pump adoption. Some European nations, like Germany, are already encouraging the workplace culture of more working-day breaks for lactating mothers so that they can pump and save breast milk in a safe manner!

As more career-conscious people adopt longer working hours, lesser at-home presence & shorter maternity leaves, using breast pumps seems like a logical, practical choice.

Women choose breasts pumps based on various reasons, ranging from the motored noise levels to portability, compact form or the presence of speed adjustment options. Some women use breast pumping to reduce repeated engorgement or overall discomfort associated with regular breastfeeding. For others, it is about time management when nursing twins. For couples that travel a lot and share babysitting duties, easy access to safely pumped and stored breast milk is critical.

The demand for battery-powered breast pump often accounts for a majority of the market share, manual and electrically operated breast pumps are equally popular. More recent options like double breast pumps have been engaging a lot of customer sentiment as they can eliminate fat from the milk rather effectively. There are different breast pump technologies available and each has some likeable features. For instance, some women prefer manual pumps over battery-powered models that come with more maintenance requirements.

Some women choose manual breast pumps for their ability to create natural-like lactation whereas the more powerful pumps, including hospital-grade pumps, seem to have a motorized effect. Still, there is a definite demand for battery powered pumps that work faster while electric breast pumps offer more personalization options, such as moderating the degree/intensity of suction.

Invariably, most of these purchases are online. Finding reputed health device makers on a single online interface can be difficult. This is where Annova is different than other online breast pump retailers. A consumer & lifestyle electronics specialist, Annova chooses only the best brands and delivers them with a significant price advantage. Rather than being overwhelmed with a massive inventory that can challenge decision-making, consumers get the advantage of finding a well-sorted inventory with smartly categorized products—the best options at market-best prices!

About Annova
Annova (UK) Ltd. is positioned uniquely with a wide range of quality-assured consumer electronics, personal care & healthcare products. This includes some of UK’s most eagerly sought breast pumps.
Using procurement specialists, Annova continues to curate its range of products, ensuring product selection is aligned to well-mapped customer expectations. This includes many health monitoring devices & accessories, including highly portable manual breast pumps. Expect same-day shipping for a large part of the inventory and an alert customer-interaction division that always reverts to customer queries.

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