HoverBoard Creator Invents Human Transport Device. It’s Amazing!

Inventist Inc recently launched the Solowheel Iota via Kickstarter. The Iota is developed by the creator of the original Hovertrax hoverboard. The Solowheel Iota is a super-compact, self-balancing, personal electric vehicle.

Based on the larger Solowheel design, Iota gives riders unprecedented freedom to move and travel in any direction effortlessly. Engineered with a unique parallelogram-based turning assist mechanism and an intelligent rider detection system, Iota remains balanced and stable for everyone to cruise with confidence. Plus, the Iota only weighs 8 lbs. – so it can be carried and stored anywhere when not in use.

Solowheel Iota will include Bluetooth capabilities (for watch and smartphone apps), an 8-mile range on a single charge and a cool suspension system is in the works.

Solowheel reached its funding goal in just 3 days on Kickstarter. It’s now super funding with over $100,000!

See at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/687658339/solowheel-iota-a-mini-personal-e-vehicle?token=38748cc2

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Claude Rorabaugh, Chief Product Evangelist, for Inventist, Inc., at cerorabaugh@inventist.com or at 360-991-5110.

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