HIIT training sessions could be making you fat – Controversial advice from David Beckham’s yoga teacher – Educogym Canary Wharf discuss personal training

Press Release : August 17, 2017
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Shona Vertue, the woman credited with changing David Beckham’s opinion on yoga, has made controversial claims that HIIT (high intensity interval training) can be bad for you. educogym Canary Wharf discuss how true this strong statement is.

HIIT training, is one of many new trends in health and fitness, it is a form of interval training, cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. David Beckhams yoga trainer, Shona Vertue believes in a mix of weights, yoga and creating a connection between the mind and body, rather than intense cardiovascular training. One of educogym’s top personal trainers, Orlstyne Wilson, explains why she may be right “at educogym Canary Wharf, we strongly believe in weight training, nutrition and the mind body connection being the best way to burn fat and build muscle, if your mind can focus and connect with the muscle you are working on, focusing on no limits, you can push yourself, and the muscle you are training, much harder on building muscle, and long-term training is much more successful this way”.

So the mind is just as powerful as the body, but why does she recommend to not do HIIT training? “I don’t think Shona has said not to do HIIT training, however she has explained that personally she prefers to limit it to just once or twice a week, at educogym Canary Wharf, we focus on the mind body connection and weights, however lifting heavy weights, and doing many repetitions, particularly on legs through squats and leg press is great for your cardio, so although we don’t do HIIT training we don’t see anything wrong with it and definitely wouldn’t say it was bad for you” said Godfrey Nurse, one of Educogym Canary Wharf’s personal trainers.

Shona Vertue is controversial in her thoughts, but the main question is why is HIIT bad for you? Or is it bad for you at all? “Personally, I would not say it is bad for you, and it seems she hasn’t explained exactly why it is bad for you either, we work slightly differently to other gyms at educogym Canary Wharf, and don’t rely on HIIT training, because we have a tried and proven system using heavy weights and the mind body connection that burns an amazing amount of fat, without the need for HIIT” said Rhiannon Okoye, educogyms newest personal trainer.

There does not seem to be an exact reason why HIIT training is bad for you, but more of a personal preference, so whether you currently train using HIIT sessions, weights, running or yoga, we would love to hear your opinions.



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