Press Release : September 05, 2015
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Fantastic news for all those in the acting industry! RSVP Media Response Ltd*, a call centre manned across the board by actors, is announcing expansion and more prized job vacancies. RSVP a destination point for actors as it’s the only UK call centre to offer flexible working hours that allow performers time off whenever they need to go for an audition or take up a role. RSVP was started 27 years ago and has a management team who are all ex-actors who also started off on the phones, so they fully empathise with the challenges faced by their staff.

The acting profession is a hard nut to crack and the facts are that there are at least two thirds of actors are out of work at any one time. This means that there are many actors out there struggling to find those all elusive flexible jobs that will make ends meet while they are waiting for their big break. Many choose the options of working in bars/ waitressing or stacking shelves to pay the bills, but these jobs offer fixed shifts and allow no flexibility to creative staff who need to leave for an audition at the drop of a hat. The need to live in or near London also means paying expensive rents combined often with paying off crippling drama school debts.

Dean Hurst, Operations Director, RSVP:

“All performers at RSVP are treated with respect and understanding. They know that there may be many jumps between the film set and headset before the big break, and we provide them with an upbeat and unique company where they can still pursue their dreams whilst they work. A staff intranet always ensures that employees are aware of the next available role in film, TV, radio, or theatre and we are set up to allow the flexibility actors need to attend auditions. We also use our social media portals to highlight and encourage staff with any acting successes. Most of employees stay with the company for around two to three years, which contrasts with other call centres that can see 100% churn in a twelve-month period”.

The unique reciprocal arrangement between the creative staff and RSVP works seamlessly. Staff are upbeat and this means that RSVP’s clients have exceptionally talented individuals working on their accounts, most of whom have trained in vocal production for 3 years or so, and have highly developed communication skills. 80% hold a degree. Their training enables them to engage and build a unique rapport with callers from all walks of life. They have a lively and motivated manner and the ability to act out a unique role for each client.

The call centre has built such a reputation for having the best call centre operators that RSVP has seen exceptional year on year growth over the past 6 years, and now resides over 3 floors in the Northern and Shell Tower in Canary Wharf in London. Currently, RSVP employs close to 600 staff, this number is growing daily.

Dean Hurst concludes:
“We are very lucky to have such talented creatives working here at RSVP. We hire actors because they are articulate, eloquent, motivated and lively staff who are excellent at representing our clients’ brands. In return, we want to enable them to pursue their dreams by providing a unique flexible working opportunity”.
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*Services that RSVP offer include:
• Full Campaign Consultation
• Campaign Design & Creation
• Social Media & Digital Marketing
• SMS Response
• Email Response
• Outbound Sales
• International Sales & Services
• Lead Generation
• Customer Acquisition
• Customer Service
• Customer Retention
• Appointment Setting
• Welcome Calls
• Campaign Testing
• Subscription Sales
• Inbound Sales
• Promotions & Events

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